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THE SECRET NUMBER offers you an absolutely unique advertising opportunity. Seize this chance to showcase your business all over the world by presenting yourself as an advertising partner for a brand new and groundbreaking internet contest - a revolutionary and exclusive game!

THE SECRET NUMBER is an internet contest and the very first of its kind. And it's even more than that: bearing in mind that the general public's enthusiasm for contests and games continues to flourish regardless and that there is a growing trend towards online advertising, THE SECRET NUMBER was created to give you the opportunity to showcase yourself and your business on this website. THE SECRET NUMBER will remain online for 15 years - guaranteed! Your company can be a part of this great project for a one-time payment of € 190.- per advertising box, irrespective of whether the contest is still ongoing or not. You see, both THE SECRET NUMBER and your very own advertising box will remain active even after the contest is over!
However, once the contest is over, no more new advertising partners will be accepted, so don't hesitate and order your advertising box today!

There will be a maximum of 100 advertising boxes available per prize page, with the most recent one always placed on top. Your own personal advertising box will contain your logo (animated images permitted) and your URL, both of which will be directly linked to your website and displayed in an animated form - as soon as users move their mouse cursors across, it will display your own personal slogan or advertising copy! Additionally, an image of the prize sponsored by you including its monetary value and description will be displayed in your advertising box.

Do you want more than just one advertising box? Contact THE SECRET NUMBER and choose either several consecutive boxes or every fifth, tenth, or fiftieth box!

Additionally, you will provide a prize (of your own choosing) for the contest, the value of which must be at least € 10.- per advertising box. Of course you can also pay this amount in cash into the 'prize pool'. While this may be the simplest solution (because you can remit your prize together with your advertising box order), the more original your sponsored prize is, the more eye-catching your advertising box will appear, and the more appealing your advertising on THE SECRET NUMBER will be, no matter whether you contribute a material prize or a voucher! Additionally, the prize sponsored by you will be portrayed by a professional photographic studio free of charge:

Don't let this fabulous opportunity pass you by! Boost your sales by simply showcasing your business on THE SECRET NUMBER!

After registering, you will receive an e-mail containing an invoice in PDF format for the advertising package you have ordered. Additionally, you will receive another e-mail for confirmation once your sponsored prize has arrived.

Please use the contact form or call +43(0)7448/59996 if you have any further questions.